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Aunt Bea's

Aunt Beas Barbecue-Menu
(* Note: All menu items may not be available in all stores. Menu selection subject to change)

Bacon Eggs Ham and Egg Plate
Bologna Sausage
City Ham Steak
Country Ham Tenderloin
Country Style Steak
Bacon Sausage
Chicken Steak
City Ham Tenderloin
Country Ham Egg
Country Style Steak Jelly
Bologna Additional charge for Egg and Cheese
Plain Pancakes Single Pancake
Pancakes with Bacon French Toast
Pancakes with Sausage
Barbecue Tray 1/2 Pound Barbecue BBQ Tray
Small Barbecue Plate 1 Pound Barbecue
Large Barbecue Plate
Chicken Tenders Grilled Chicken
Chuckwagon Ground Steak
Country Style Steak Hamburger Steak
Fish Filet Vegetable
Apples Green Beans BBQ and Vegetables
Creamed Potatoes Pintos
French Fries Slaw
Barbecue Bacon, Lettuce, Tomato
Hotdog Bologna
Ground Steak Chicken Filet
Grilled Chicken Chuckwagon
Ham & Cheese Country Style Steak
Toasted Cheese Fish Fillet
Hamburger Cheeseburger
Double Hamburger Double Cheeseburger
Bacon Cheeseburger Super Deluxe
Cheese Munchers Hash Rounds
Chicken Fries Hushpuppies
Cole Slaw Onion Rings
BBQ Slaw Potato Wedges
French Fries
Soft Drinks Bottled Water
Iced Tea Milk
Coffee Orange Juice
Hot Chocolate
Peach Cobbler Banana Pudding
Peach Cobbler with Ice Cream
Hard Dipped Cone or CupBanana Split
Hot Fudge CakeMilkshakes
Ice Cream Sundaes
Hot Bar (Blue Plate) Pilot Knob Coffee Bags
Aunt Bea's Hot & Tangy BBQ Sauce

Comfort Food Quick!